Sports Court TV Network

I would like to declare that I officially own the trademark to the Sports Court TV Network.  Even if I don’t.  And even if at this moment it does not exist.   Because some day it will.  Yesterday I was assured that it will.  I sat in the bar of the glamorous Newark International Airport TGIFriday’s and witnessed the OJ Simpson pretrial on not one but two flatscreen TVs in front of me on two different ESPN stations.   And it wasn’t even OJ on the screen, it was Riccio and the banter (as I read on the closed captioning) was about how to pronounce his name.  It was clear that between the OJs, the Michael Vick’s, and the participants steroid parade alone that a 24/7 Sports Court TV Network is possible.  And I own that trademark.  Seriously.

3 responses to “Sports Court TV Network”

  1. when i was in australia a few years back, of the ten channels i got on cable, two were 24/7 sports, including the lovely anarachic australian rules football. however, at the same time, e-entertainment was showing bad re-enactments of the michael jackson trial. i’m not sure how this relates, but i’m sure it does.

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