Holiday Gift Guide: Independent Artist Edition

  1. LucyLucyLucyFor the young and the young at heart: Lucy & The Waterfox, the  story of a little red fox who can fly, by the talented David Robinson, in my personal pantheon of inspirational friends and fellow artists. Get a copy of Lucy here.

  2. For couples and those who love them: As Long as We Both Shall Live, a catalogue of black and white photographs of long married couples by the gifted and thoughtful Robert Fass, a fine actor in addition to being an amazing photographer who I met doing The Kids. Get your copy of As Long… here.

  3. For the quilters in your life: The innovative AnglePlay Templates or the many incredible books housing the creations from the brilliant color & design eyes of Margaret J. Miller who I met 35 years ago today on the occassion of my birth.

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