“You are an Artistic Director: Select a Season” (Part I)

In my Theatre Appreciation course, I assigned three projects over the course of the semester. The first was “You are a Playwright: Write a 5 to 7 page play”. The second was “You are a Reviewer: Review a professional production”. The third was “You are an Artistic Director: Select a Season”. In addition to selecting a 5 play season (which included certain parameters such as cast a “star” in one of the shows, one should be a musical, one should be a Theatre for Young Audiences play, etc), students were asked to name their theater, their season and define the demographics of their company’s audience. There were many highlights. One of the interesting play combinations was this season:

1. The Persians
2. Timon of Athens
3. Orestes
4. Agammemnon
5. Jersey Boys

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