Party Shuffle: Sound Design style

I wonder if others have this experience as well: Because I am a theater artist who has often had the need to find sound effects for plays, sprinkled through my iTunes library are sound effects. When I select Party Shuffle many of these sound effects play, sometimes much to my surprise… The recent Party Shuffle tracks included

The The
The Smiths
Rufus Wainwright
“Audience cheering”
KT Tunstall
Brian Eno/David Byrne
“Dentist Water Drill”

One response to “Party Shuffle: Sound Design style”

  1. a) I will get verbal podcasts on my iPod shuffle, so going from Aphex Twins ‘Mouse on Mars’ to Slate dot com’s political gabfest
    b) only slightly related, from about 20 years ago, i designed sound (mostly transition music) for a pal’s show. for payment, i only asked for my credit of choice. so the program said,
    written by, directed by, set by, lights by, costumes by and then ‘the guy who picked the music for the show’

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