Vital Signs Review

“As for Shelia Callaghan’s wonderfully written “Ayravana Flies or A Pretty Dish,” the need for exotic excitement comes across a bit cryptically, but is completely carried by the characters: a shy (and English) Elephant (Fletcher McTaggart) and an excitable young cook, Olivia (Lauren Walsh Singerman). In a series of alternating monologues, Callaghan convinces us of how important it is that we really live and explore our world — not just by vicariously throwing in foreign spices like cumin, or by working in an airport to be around those bold enough to fly, but by daring to take risks oneself, even when it may lead to disaster. McTaggart plays the elephant with the potential to soar, but it’s Singerman who literally zooms across the stage, helping to make even the ambiguous portions of the script crackle with Callaghan’s unique wit.”  More.

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