The New York Theatre Legacy Project

orlando-035.jpgorlando-035.jpgI returned from Orlando, FL today where I had the great pleasure of travelling with students from Repertory Company High School to perform “Listen & Learn: The New York Theatre Legacy Project” at the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA) Annual Meeting.  We at Education @ Roundabout and the faculty from Repertory devised a performance piece from interviews that these young artists led with elders in the New York theater community.  We were invited to perform on the last day of the conference.

You can see the performance on the webcast–see the preshow with our students, then fast forward to the 1:19:20  mark to hear the brief introduction and see the primary performance we did:  View the webcast

4 responses to “The New York Theatre Legacy Project”

  1. a) During the interviews themselves, the elders and the young people were very nervous about meeting each other. It was a foreign experience for both sides. By the end of every interview the elders and young people were so fond of each other it was hard to leave!
    b) The elders we interviewed have not yet seen the show, but will at a special performance at the school at the end of the month. We are hoping to have a special reception after the performance so that the participating elders and the young people have time to talk about the experience.
    c) We did not get to arrange that meeting, but Professor Alrutz and I talked about how we might link them up in person and in cyberspace in the future. Lots of possibilities…

  2. a) what was the dynamic between the elders and the teenagers
    b) did the elders get to see the show?
    c) did the teenagers get to interact with the grad students in theater for young audiences at U Central florida?

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