The Nosemaker’s Apprentice: Chronicles of a Medieval Plastic Surgeon

by Nick Jones and Rachel Shukert, Amphibian Stage Productions, Fort Worth, TX, 2014

“Director David A. Miller keeps the pace brisk but deliberate enough for audiences to savor this artful journey through the brutish Middle Ages decked out with lots of contemporary snark.” (Fort Worth Weekly)

“Director David A. Miller, who made a good job of Amphibian’s Wittenberg and Gutenberg! The Musical!, clearly knows what to do with wacky.” (Theatre Jones)

“Hats off to Director David Miller for another side-splitting production of epic proportions.” (Fort Worth Examiner)

“Director David A. Miller and his players do a great job of finding an ideal tone for this fractured fairy tale.” (Star-Telegram)


by David Davalos, Amphibian Stage Productions, Fort Worth, TX, 2011

“…directed with verve and wit by David A. Miller.   …What Davalos manages in his well-wrought debate is to make sure that both sides see into the other for enough time to justify standing their original ground.  And what Miller manages from his cast is equally amazing.” [Theatre Jones]

“…director David A. Miller and his marvelous quartet of actors achieve a remarkably sophisticated mix of the sacred and the profane, the brainy and the bratty, in this prickly but ultimately sweet-natured production …Amphibian director David A. Miller takes seriously both the scholarly debates and the farcical hijinks, and the expert sense of balance and nuance displayed by his cast makes both endeavors thrilling. [Fort Worth Weekly]

“David A. Miller directs this clever little piece with detailed verve and energetic spunk.  Each erudite turn of phrase and hard-won literary pun finds its way to the audience in a practiced and natural flow.” [D Magazine]

Awards for Wittenberg
Outstanding Direction, Dallas Fort Worth Critics Forum
Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble, Dallas Fort Worth Critics Forum
Best Theatre Production of 2011, D Magazine
Top 10 Theatre Performance of 2011, Theatre Jones
Great Ensemble of 2011, Theatre Jones
Best Theatre of the Year, Star-Telegram

“Few comedies combine intelligence and wit as adroitly as this work by David Davalos. Director David A. Miller and a fine cast made this script realize its full, hilarious potential.”  – Star-Telegram

Stinky Flowers and the Bad Banana

by Croft Vaughn, WTE Theatre, NYC, 2010

“Though there is not a single child in the piece, an impression of childhood is captured precisely without being childish: the magpie collecting of treasures discarded by grownups, how intimidating the world can be to an imaginative and thoughtful child trying to navigate the complexities of a grownup world, and the safety and security of the pure love of family to help little ones through.” (

“Through proper use of its setting, clever use of its props, and a large dose of pure imagination, Stinky Flowers does a lot to bring the magic back into good old-fashioned storytelling.”  (Theatre is Easy)

“It’s a good thing David A. Miller is such a great person, because with smarts like his in the wrong hands, you’d have a Robert Moses of Theatre. He’s the rare breed of artist who knows how to foster an environment where magic can happen.” (Playwright Croft Vaughn, in an interview with The Happiest Medium)

Below the Belt 

by Richard Dresser, Amphibian Productions, Fort Worth, TX

“THE YEAR’S BEST THEATER: #1. BELOW THE BELT, Amphibian Stage Productions: Richard Dresser’s workplace comedy reached blissfully satiric heights with the year’s tightest ensemble: Evan Mueller, Jonathan Fielding and Michael Muller. Directed by David A. Miller.” (YEAR IN REVIEW: THEATER by MARK LOWRY, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, December 27, 2006)

“Director David A. Miller and his cast have found a performing style that captures every nuance of the far-out humor.”  (Amphibian Raises the Bar for Dresser Satire by LAWSON TAITTE, The Dallas Morning News, July 7, 2006_

“Under David A. Miller’s direction, Mueller, Fielding and Muller work sharply together, and off each other, like interlocking teeth on gear wheels of industrial-size machines that rarely need maintenance.” DIRTY WORK: Play’s cast finds itself on edge of allegiance by MARK LOWRY, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX), Jul. 08, 2006

Awards for Below the Belt
Outstanding Direction award to David A. Miller by Dallas-Fort Worth Critics Forum
Top 10 Show of the Year from Dallas Morning News
Top 10 Show of the Year from Fort Worth Telegram (Dec. ’06)
Best Actor awarded to All Three Actors from Fort Worth Weekly
Best Theater awarded to Amphibian Productions by Fort Worth Weekly