Secrets from the Cemetery

Photo Apr 30, 5 42 21 PMSecrets from the Cemetery is the working title of a new play in-progress collaboratively created collaboratively by theatre and creative writing students from Bloomsburg University, working side-by-side with professional, NYC-based guest artists Dano Madden and Carrie Heitman, and David A. Miller, theatre professor and professional playwright.

The primary source of inspiration for the play will be Bloomsburg’s Rosemont Cemetery—its physical presence, its history and the stories of its permanent resident. The project will generate an 80-minute theatrical collage to be produced by the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble (who first proposed the project) directed Ensemble member Danny Roth —performed by Ensemble members and Bloomsburg University actors—in fall 2019.

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Photo Apr 30, 6 38 29 PM

Creative Contributors to Secrets from the Cemetery: Kamryn Felty, Kira Loux, Heather Rummings, Chelsea Soto, Brandon Ferguson, Kali Morgia, Visakha Bun and (not pictured) Kyle Bower.