2016_Season_mystic_in_the_savage_state››› PLAYWRITING: Mystic in the Savage State will receive a developmental workshop and performance with Amphibian Stage Productions in Fort Worth, TX in September 2016. About the Play: Professor Calkins, a psychologist at Wellesley College, attempts to legitimize synesthesia (particularly pseudo-chromesia which includes “color hearing”) in the eyes and ears of her peers. It’s the 1890s, so her field and the newness of the research, as well as expectations about her gender, stand in her way.
› To read about the book that first inspired David’s interest in synesthesia, read on. For an excerpt from the play, read on. To read the full play, contact David.

››› LEADERSHIP: Selected to be the incoming Vice Chairman of the National Playwriting Program (NPP) for Region 2 of the Kennedy Centers American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF).

››› PLAYWRITING: Member of Stillwater Writers Group, a collective of writers for stage and screen led by Greg DePaul.


N3 Postcard

››› DIRECTING: Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom was selected as one of eight invited productions (from the more than 60 participating from NJ, OH, MD, PA and western NY) and performed at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s Region 2 Festival in January 2016.

››› DIRECTING: At this year’s KCACTF’s Region 2 Festival, David directed a concert reading of Seven Minutes in Heaven by Eugenie Carabatsos.

››› PLAYWRITING: The Flames was produced by The Collective as part of C10: Comedy. Performances December 9-13 at the Paradise Factory in NYC. The production, directed by Richard Masur, featured Kevin Kane and Khan Baykal.

››› DIRECTING: Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom by Jennifer Haley performed November 4-8 at Bloomsburg University. Scenic design by Jen Varbalow (Leaving IKEA), sound design by Heath Hansum (Macbeth), costume design by Sarah Stuble, hair & makeup by Kassie Stachowski, lighting design by Bob Cardana, and properties design by Maggie Korell.
Video of conceptual approach to the production.
Photos of the production.

drake-circumnavigation-world-map››› DEVISING: David taught a course on Devised and Collaboratively Created Theatre at Bloomsburg University (Theatre 492), Spring 2015. The starting point for this collaboratively created performance is maps, mapmakers, and the feeling of being lost. A work-in-progress performance of You are here. (or, A Traveler’s Guide to Traveler’s Guides) (working title) was performed in April.



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