〉 DEVISING: David is teaching a course on Devised and Collaboratively Created Theatre at Bloomsburg University (Theatre 492) this spring. The starting point for this collaboratively created performance is maps, mapmakers, and the feeling of being lost.


〉 DIRECTING: The BU Players production of The Nosemaker’s Apprentice: Chronicles of a Medieval Plastic Surgeon performed in February and March 2015. The production used the same design approach as the professional production with Amphibian Stage Productions in the summer of 2014. Sean Urbantke re-imagined his set design for a larger theatre and David Lanza’s sound design delighted and grossed out audiences in Bloomsburg. New designs from Zak Knoll (lights) and Emily Miller (costumes) gave this Nosemaker’s a makeover.

〉 DIRECTING: Directed a concert reading of Daddy’s Little Girls, a 10-minute play by Ryan Patrick Dolan (a second year MFA Candidate in the Ohio University Playwriting Program) for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s (KCACTF) Region 2 Festival in Cleveland, OH in January 2015. Update: The play was selected as a National Semi-Finalist.

〉 DIRECTING: Directed Macbeth at Bloomsburg University, November 2014. In this production, women dominate the cast and the world of the play. Featured actors include Kellyanne Klause as Macbeth, Chelsea Lucas as his Lady, and Bry Kifolo as Macduff. David was also the Scenic Designer for this production.

〉 PLAYWRITING: Mystic in the Savage State received a week-long workshop with Strange Sun Theater, August 2014

About the Play: Professor Calkins, a psychologist at Wellesley College, attempts to legitimize synesthesia (particularly pseudo-chromesia which includes “color hearing”) in the eyes and ears of her peers. It’s the 1890s, so her field and the newness of the research, as well as expectations about her gender, stand in her way.

To read about the book that first inspired David’s interest in synesthesia, read on. For an excerpt from the play, read on. To read the full play, contact David.

〉 DIRECTING: The Nosemaker’s Apprentice: Chronicles of a Medieval Plastic Surgeon by Nick Jones and Rachel Shukert with Amphibian Stage Productions, Fort Worth, TX, July-August 2014

Pictured: Alexandra Lawrence, Scott Zenreich, Brandon Murphy and John Forkner

〉 PLAYWRITING: The Flames is now published as part of The Collective:10 Play Anthology. You can buy a copy at the Drama Book Shop or on Amazon.


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